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Below are the different donations that you can make to A Positive Tomorrow! To the left is an explanation of the donation, and to the right is the donation button that corresponds with that donation category! Each button is specifically coded so that we know which category it is assigned to. Now you can choose exactly where your money is going when you decide to donate to A Positive Tomorrow!

Recurring Donation
This option allows you to create a monthly recurring donation! A Positive Tomorrow has expenses that are accrued on a regular basis, and therefore we need regular income to help us operate! You can help us by signing up for a monthly contribution so that we have a reliable, steady income that we can use to further our mission and our impact! All donations that are recurring will be treated as Unrestricted Donations and as such will be spent where they are most needed within the organization.
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Unrestricted Donations
This option gives A Positive Tomorrow the freedom to decide where to spend your donation. We will use it where we need it the most, in a way that will have the most impact on the work that we do!


Other and Administrative Expenses
As with any organization, A Positive Tomorrow has a certain amount of administration expenses in order to keep running. All donations made towards “Other and Administrative Expenses” go towards those costs that keep the organization running. Keep in mind that these are costs that have indirect impacts on our programs as opposed to a direct impact.


Programs Expenses
The donations made in this category will go directly towards program expenses! With this donation, we have the freedom to apply it towards any program that needs the funding, but we will not spend it on any administrative costs. Rest assured that your donation is going directly to helping further our mission!


A Positive Tomorrow seeks to help provide support to those living with HIV through our online articles. We provide tips and advice, as well as share experiences about living a positive life! Through our blogs, we also strive to educate the public and show the rest of the world what we go through on a daily basis living life with HIV! All donations made in this category go straight to our blogging program to make sure that we can improve our blog quality and quantity and begin to reach a new level of impact within our communities!


Program-Support Support
A Positive Tomorrow seeks to help provide support to those living with HIV through our support groups. We provide a place for positive individuals and their partners to discuss a variety of topics that they deal with on a daily basis living with HIV in a social environment. We also try and offer a financial assistance program for all of our support group members. Each group maintains it’s own fund for its members. All donations made in this category go straight to our support group program to make sure that we can continue to provide high quality support to those we serve.


Refund Policy

All donations made to A Positive Tomorrow are final and non-refundable. If you pay for registration for an event then it is subject to refund if and only if the event is cancelled.