Poz Advice: Mohammad

Muhammad asks:
I am HIV -. My fiance is HIV+. We are in a serious relationship and wanted to get married.
What is your advice and contributions for us?
Thanks to A Positive Tomorrow!!!
Billy answers:
That is GREAT! Congratulations on taking your relationship to the next level. Sero-discordant couples make up the most common relationships involving people living with HIV/AIDS, you are not alone!!!
There are many things you can do to protect your HIV- status, PrEP (for yourself), condoms, and using your partner’s Treatment as Prevention.
If your partner is undetectable, for 6+ months and maintains viral suppression, then it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that HIV transmission is impossible. The best way to ensure your partner achieves viral suppression is to support your partner in their HIV treatment, keeping up with appointments, and maintaining clear communication when problems arrise. It helps an individual living with HIV to stay on top of their health when they have a loving support system behind them!
The most important advice we can give you though, is to keep a good Bill of mental health! Never forget that good mental health is one of the most important things in anyone’s life, HIV+ or HIV-
Good luck!

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