Tammy’s Story

Hello my name is Tammy

When I was little, I was in kidney failure, I thought it was crazy at the time.  Then when I became older my kidneys were operating as as they should and things started to become normal for a change.  Later in life I met a man who was nice and we created a bond, but then he later became sick.  I asked him what was going on as I wanted him to go to emergency room but he said no and became angry at me.  Come to find out he had been in a car accident and needed blood transfusion in which he contracted HIV.  Before I found out he was positive, he and I became pregnant with a little girl.  The Doctor tested during the pregnancy for all the normal things and HIV which came back with a negative HIV result. I was in that window block where I did not test positive but if I had been tested later during the pregnancy, it would of came back positive.  After giving birth to my daughter, she also became very sick.  I decided to take her to the emergency room where I was worried beyond belief.  I then took her to the Doctor I  had seen when I was a child and he did blood work and told me to get her to Ann Arbor. I called my father to go with me and with he and my daughter we went. At the hospital they asked if they could test her for HIV.  I was on the phone asking her father asking him if she could possibly have this. He said “I’m not sure”! He later received a paper asking him to get tested but he never did! My daughter was diagnosed with PCP (Pneumocystis Pneumonia) and AIDS. She passed in 1995. I would of never of known I was living with HIV if it were not for my daughter. She saved her mommy… Then I met this guy who I fell in love with. He didn’t care that I was positive he loved me for the person I am and not for the virus that lives within me. After I got married I got sick and ended up with kidney failure, liver failure, etc. Thought that part of my life was over. But God has big plans for me. My husband told me “you will keep fighting” and that is what I did.  Today I’m going good and will be on one pill once a day.  I have been with my husband now 21 years and 16 married, and to this day, my husband is still living HIV negative. Never give up 🙂

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